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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A bit too futuristic, but it's a great concept!

Last night, while browsing threw the internet, I came acrosse this very intresting article. Apparently, microsoft is paring with I don't know how many other companies, including "UK guide dogs for the blind", to creat this really innovative peace of technology, which would allowed blind people to get an incredible amount of information about our environment, as well as many other cool things. As UK guide dogs puts it,
We believe that technology has huge potential to transform the ways in which blind and partially sighted people get out and about. That is why we've worked with Microsoft to develop a concept of how things might look soon, if we all pull together to make our vision a reality.
And here's a vidio demonstrating what this new device would do. Personally, I find its a bit too obtimistic, and even though it would be great if this thing existed, I see to main problems.
1, How much would it cost? I mean, if a screen reader costs like a thousand dollars, I don't want to imagine how much would an incredibly complicated device as this one cost.?
2 Some of the ideas are incredibly difficult to achieve, like when it tells the guy the exact location of his train compartment and seat...
I really hope this thing will eventualy exist, and I hope it will be afortable enough to buy it.