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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I really like!!

There are not so many things that can make me cry but really Sirina’s video didit!
Oh Sirina your life will never be the same.
Today I wana post about things I love

1-Guide dogs:
I love every thing about guide dogs.I think one of the best things about beeng blind is having a guide dog.
I love, love the rain.
I don’t know why but since I was little I just lay down listening to rain an thunder.
I really like rainy nights.
I wonder, is listening to audio books consider reading?
If yes that’s one of my favorite activities.
One weard thing about me is not really liking to read at day, I just love reading at night.
That’s a beat weard.
I really like blogging, I puur many thoughts an fillings in this blog.
I like other’s reading an commenting about them.5
One of my favorite things are plains.
I love traveling by plain, that can be a little odd cause many people get board on airplains.
Ok ok I have many other favorite things, but if I post all of them you’ll foll asleep.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do I complaine so much?

Ok this is a really short post:
I’ve been blogging for almost three weeks.
I really like it, as I said in my first post its easy.
I’ve just discovered three things about blogger that really suck:
1-I can’t follow any blogs without sighted help!I hate that!
2-When I riseve comments by e-mail I can’t see them (haha) I have to go to blogger comments an all that stuff arg**.
3-I can’t edit posts!!
Ok ok to much complaining but the trew is that I love blogging.
Its like a public diary!

Another book!

This week wasn’t really intresting, that’s why I didn’t posted much.
First, congratulations Sirina! I bet you’ve already receve your guidedog!
Oh my, my,!I’m so so so so so so so happy for you!
Have so much funn!

Two day’s ago I heard this on the news:
We saw a man on top of a light post (franklin square) He was singing at the top of his voice trying to attract (arg I don’t remember the t.v conpanie’s name) attention.
Policemen arrived an obligated him to descend.
Oh what is it with  this man?
Hae people! seriously!

I just finished reading a book called Angels & Demons.
I really liked it:
Book’s clue words:
criminology, secret society, mystery.
Please can you comment an recommend me more books?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seeng again?

Today was a really pretty day.

Ok but that doesn’t matter right now.
I’m gonna write about the weard thoughts I had today:
Imagine bing blind an suddenly seeing?
Many sighties think blind people really, really wish to see.
But do we?
I’ve bin thinking about it, will I like to see?
Not that I can or anything (I have retinopathyofprematuritie).
If somebody told me, Hae we invented a dibisse wich can make you see.
Will I jump for it?
I don’t know, but as stupid as it sounds I don’t think so.
I mean I’m curious how is it like to see?
Hear are my reasons:
I wouldn’t like to see because:
1-I won’t have the opportunity to have a guide dog.
2-I like my wourld as it is, it’s perfect If I could suddenly see I I’d have to learn how to do everything.
3-I love, love audio books an I don’t  know if I would love them as much if I could see (probably no).
4-If I could see I would of never written this blog.
What do you think?
If you had the option will you jump for it?
Please leave your comments!
Arg sorry if this board you.
An sory for the spelling an tences I’m a beat distracted.
Carin if                                                                you read this what was twitter’s mane page you recommended me the other day?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stupid contacts.

Hi everybody:
 I know I haven’t posted in  a while.
This few days have been very busy.
One of the things I love, love about blogger is that every body follows every body ells, for example the one who writes in the center of the roof follows vomit commet an the one who writes vomit commet follos training tails who’s also followed by in the center of the roof.
You see is like a big family.
Ok as I was saying before this rambling this few days have been really busy.
Hear at . . . leaves a doctor who puts like contact lenses.This contact lenses (who aren’t exactly contact lenses) make your eyes look the same color.
An they also open your eyes
Every body was like Oh my you are so pretty!, but really they hurt like hel.
Ok let me explaine you:
Ok so hear It goes again:
Where I leave a doctor surt of makes a kind of contact lenses, he paints them the same color, you put them on your eyes an they look the same color.
This contacts also make you open your eyes.
Has any of you used them?
 If yes what’s your experience with them?
If no:
They hurt like hel!!!!!
I don’t know if I’m using them or not **to!! much!! pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yes I almost forgot, to make things worst my stomach really, really hurts! ouch!!!
Ok sory this post is full with complains an pain but really to much pain right now!
Oh congrats to Samara who’s going to gdb in less than a week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lets ramble!

So hear goes a beat of rambling:
Mmm… You know when I first created his blog I thought it was really, really difficult to write a post every day.
In fact it isn’t, you just need a beat of imagination, an intresting life,well not exactly intresting just you have to figure out those little things that happen to you an transform them in a post.
Speaking of figuring out I just realized when you write a blog you surt of pay more attention to your life.
For example a daily really, really insignificant thing, you just don’t realize it’s intresting, but when you write a blog its like:
OH why not posting about this?
Arg** I wonder why am I rambling about this?
Ok I don’t know but it’s wweard.
I know, I know rambling isn’t my thing but today I was in a rambling mood.
Yesterday I was reading a really good blog  called great things about beeng blind.
An I started thinking what cool things have happened to me because I’m blind?
Mmm… Oh yes one day when I was renovating my passport an you know, this huge line, suddenly a really, really nice lady approached an said:
Oh this line is really long (an it was like a 3 hours line) an it was like come hear an we had our new passports like in twenty minuts! It was great!
I’m not good at rambling
But Ro the one who writes in the center of the roof blog Oh my! She’s a genious.
She starts with a little thing but at the end of the post it turns almost in to a novel!
I love, love, love it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just came acrosse a program called j-tunes.
I checked it out an it simse really useful.
You can organize your music, you can easily import music to your ipod etc etc.
I was wondering is it worthy?
How much does it cust to get it?
Do you use it?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look at this store!

This is a really short post:
I wanted to post this a while ago so hear it goes:
There’s an incredible stor called maxi aides.
This store is like amazon but much, much better.
They sell products for independent leaving, blind, deph an many, many other things.
Is exactly like amazon you create an account, you order what ever you want etc, etc.
If you are interested go to the link below:
I by lots of things in there.}
They sell everything! go an have a look around.
I’m not getting payed or anything this is just my personal opinion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Earth's children.

If you like reading (like me) I recommend you a series called earth’s childrenh..
Ok the synopsis may seam a little boaring but the book is incredible!
This novel is written by Jean M. Auel.
The series is set in
during the upper paleolithic era, after the date of the first ceramics discovered but before the last advance of glaciers.
The books focus on the piriod of the co- exestence between cro-magnons and neanderthals.
As a whole, the series is a tale of personal discovery: coming-of-age, invention, cultural complexities. It tells the story of, Ayla an orphaned Cro-Magnon girl who is adopted and raised by a tribe of Neanderthals and who later embarks on a journey to find the Others (her own kind), meeting along the way her romantic interest and supporting co-protagonist,
I love, love , love that series!!
I really recommend it to you, you can by the audio book on amazon or go to the page I suggested on my secund post.
In that page you can find it in inglish.

Guide dog potcasts.

Today I came acrosse some really fun an pretty potcasts.
Ok they are from gide dogs for the blind (gdb) the organization where I wana get a guidedog!
This potcasts are about everything from puppy raising, volunteers, training with a guidedog to alumnai testimonium.
There is one potcast (my favorite) this potcast is about a  guidedog user who goes to schools giving testimonium about blindness an guidedogs.
He talks about:
Using a white cane  really sucks! I totally agree.
How guidedogs make a huge difference in blind people.
How he became blind.
An many, many other things.
But this potcast is the funniest I’ve ever heard!
I really really recommend it to you, that, an all gdb’s other potcasts.
So if you are interested hear is the link:
The one I told you about is number 9.
I cracked up with laughter, so if you are in a laughing mooth check it out.
Enjoy an have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Male or female??

I know I haven't mention this but I really really really love reading!
Oh daaaa! how could I possibly mentioned it if this is my secund post?
I mostlie listen tu audio books, they aren't much books in braille visides audiobooks are much better.
Write now I'm reading percy Jackson serieis for the fif time, you know about greack gods an all that.
If you saw the movie it's nothing compared with the books.
Personally I didn't like the movie much it was kind of borring.
The books are quite funny an believe it or not they are really good.
There are five of them an I really enjoyed all of them.
I bought them in audiobooks they are narrated by mmm.. write now I don't remember his or her name.
Yea you got it I haven't realized if it's a she or a he.
I know that's kind of wheard but it's trew.
Sory dood if you are reading this post please please don't get offended for the life of me it isn't my falt.
Any way the narrator it's amazing she **arg or he makes all the characters voices, in some parts I can't stop laughing it's deathly funney hahaha!
I really don't get tired of reading them.
I've also read Harry Potter narrated by Jean Dale, Oh I love the way he reads he does a different voice for each character.
I've read the seven Harry Potter books for about eight times, Well to be honest I've listened them for about eight times listening is a beat easear than reading so...
Mmm... I've read lotes of books I really like it.
Their is a page where you have tu actually registrate but you can download for free lotes of books to your computer.
You can read them with a screan reader, when you down load them they turn in to word documents so it's much easear.
I don't know I think the page is in spanish weard ha?
But it can be turned in to inglish.
The page's name is tiflo libros.
I'm not getting payed for promotioning it or anything I just think it's really good.
Ok I have to admit rambling isn't my thing but I have to begin with something ha?
Hope I didn't board you that is it for now!

Stupid questions I’ve heard about blind people

Hi, ok well all my life I’ve heard really really stupid questions about blind people.
Hear are some of the must stupid ones:
1-How do blind people eat?
I found that one in yahoo ansers an not just one time lots of times.
So if any of those **** who actually asked that in yahoo ansers is reading this:
Ok silly dood:
Blind people eat exactly like you!
2-How do blind people clean their bum after pooping?
That was also in yahoo ansers oh my!
So ok hear it goes a formal letter:
Hi really, really silly one who wrote this question:
Ok like Katy Perry's song:
Have you ever seen while you are pooping, do you really see your bum when you are cleaning it?
I mean hae! Dood have you got eyes on your back?
Haha I know this was a little gross but hae people!
3-How do blind people get dress?
Ok this sucks!
Haha I mean they didn’t said combine their clothes they asked literally dressing.
5-Do blind people see?
Ok the idiot who actually wrote this:
Hae dood have a life, by your self a brain, an oh yes blind people can actually see!
Hahahahahahahahaha I laughed so much with this question I almost peed!
Ok hear are some questions people asked to me:
1-When you eat, how do you know where your mouth is?
I cracked up with laughter!!
Ok before the second question let me explain first:
Today morning at school, the flor was crammed with bags, kits etc:
So I asked a nice lady to please scort me to the staircase wich she actually did:
An a friend so us walking towards the stairdcase, an when the lady left he asked me:
Is she your nanny or something?
Ok you can’t imagine my face I was like Oh my what is it with this gi?I mean how old do you think I am to nead a nanny!
So those are the silliest questions I’ve ever heard of or been asked of.
Hope you liked it!

My Journey To Independence: Instructor Call

My Journey To Independence: Instructor Call

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I phone!

Hi people!!
How are you doing?
Well this post is about the i phone.
First when I discovered I phones existed I thought:
Oh my! How are blind people suppose to use this thing??
Even if it spoked, the I phon is got a tactile screan how are blind people suppose to aime at the icons?
An then I thought:
If it’s a tactile screan an blind people moved their finger around it, every single thing on it will open.
Arg they really annoyed me cause I wanted an I phone!

A few days I came acrosse this link:
Wow! This is wonderfull!
You know all apple products are axcesible for blind people.
The I phone is got a program called voice over.
With this program the phone speaks an the screan turns really not sensible.
So you move your finger around it an voice over tells you what’s under your finger, but the icon does not open.
You have to doble tap it to actually open it.
Hahahaha! This really looks like a commercial!
So, like in commercials:
For more imformation go to the link above.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

What is it with peta?

A few days ago I came acrosse this stupid article peta posted a year ago.
This article is about blind people an guidedogs.
Really what where they thinking when they wrote that?
The article is about how gidedogs are blind people slaves, how they work 24/7, how they don’t get time to just be a dog.
I don’t know why I’m that angry with that article but really ug that sucked!
So if you are interested in this article just click hear:
Sory I know this is a really short post but this day was uneventful.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weard dream!

Ok tonight I had a really weard dream so hear it goes:
before I start with my dream this days I’m reading a blog called vomet commet the ones who write it are carin an steave.
I’ve been reading another blog called in the center of the roof written by ro who has a gide dog called Jayden.
Oh yes Carin also has a gide dog called Trixy.
Mmm ok so my dream:
I was in Carins house with my mom an we where in Carins kitchen.
She told us Jayden was in ty-down an that trixy was in ty-down to.
At the moment I didn’t realize something was wrong I mean Jayden in Carins house without Ro? an Trix in ty-down?
But the weardest thing was Trixy was a puppy in training what the?
An Jayden was Carins gidedog!Weard weard weard!
So we where just chatting there in the kitchen an suddenly my mom disappeared!
So, Carin an I dicided to take Jayden for a walk.
An there we where, walking an walking.
Oh yes at some point Carin lended me her I-phone an it started floating in my hands, I told this to Carin an she just said- oh yes don’t you like the weather? its super nice.
An then she said:
We will survive I’ve got a bag full of blue bubble gom.
An suddenly I woke up.
Weard ha?
An the funniest thing is I don’t even know Carin in person haha!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is my first post!

So this is my first post, well my live isn't really interesting but I think the more I write on this blog the more interesting it will get.
This blog is about my day to day life, as the title says I'm blind so mainly this blog will be about blind stof.
It could be about anything, I don't have in mind anything in particular so be prepared.