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Thursday, April 5, 2012

now what??

A really original title, I know hahaha.
Blogger's courrent ishue, as you all know,
Ladies an gentlemen... The new interface!!!!!!
That's write, blogger's new interface.
Now, remember those posts I wrote a while ago about this interface, wher I said it was usable an all that shit??
This is my first posty about blogger's new interface, here I just said it was like the normal interface, but a bit upside down
first post
Now, my
secund post
where I explained how to create a new post using this interface.
Well, in this two posts, oops, total fale.
I was explaining how to create a new post, but oh now, when I checked the comments, settings etc section, then that was when the fun began.
Its like a dropdown menue, really inaccesible for screan readers.

Also, its really hard to label posts, an the reading page kinda sucks.
Oh yes, one day, when I was trying this stupid interface, I wasn't able to change back.
Like got stucked in there. I don't know what I did, but thank god I could finally change back.
An now, when my posts are getting somewhat decent, blogger comes with this wonderful idea. In april, all users wil be forced to use this incredible interface.
Oh no no no no I won't be using that thing thankyou very much, even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to.
This is blogger's post, explaining their new interface.
Blogger's friendly" guide to the new interface
Don't believe everything, I suggest you try this interface for yourself.
An well, after all this talk about the interface, as I've already said, I won't be able to use it, so if they force me to use it, I think I'll be moving to wordpress (it is accesible, but not one hundred %), or to dreamwidth (I really like this one, but never the same).
Many people will be doing this, whitch is a shame.
Some will import their posts, some will start again.
I know I haven't spent here a very long time, I know my posts aren't that good, but because of blogger, now I know many wonderful people.
People that because of blogger's new interface, maybe won't be able to post here anymore.
Please try giving feedback to blogger twitter @blogger (lol), or in every page of the new interface, there's a feadback icon.
Thanks for reading:)

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