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Monday, May 14, 2012

Still here

As you all can seeI'm still here.
After I figured a way to switch back to blogger's old interface, I thought I would be posting more, because I know this switch isn't permanent, but I've wasted my time with this lovely interface.
I haven't posted any of my "ceci's books" posts, but I'll do it some day lol.
This post is just to informe all jaws users who have jaws 11 and older, that in case you haven't figured it out, there's a way to go back to internet explorer 8.
As all of you have experienced, internet explorer 9 isn't compatible with jaws 11 an below.
So, if you loved internet explorer 8 an your computer has forced you to upgrade or you upgraded thinking that internet explorer 9 would work, follow this steps to go back to internet explorer 8.
1, In the search box, type view installed updates an clickit.
2, you'll se a big list of installed updates.
3, Click internet explorer 9.
4, Click yes, when asked.
5, Press reboot now when asked.
6, Open internet explorer, an you'll be able to use it again!
If you aren't sure about your internet explorer vertion, open ie, an press alt an select "about internet explorer".
I thought this steps would be useful for someone, at least, they were for me.

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