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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A letter

Hi everybody.
I've said here that I go to french classes, an yesturday we had to write a letter in english an then translated to french.
In the letter, we where suppose to imagine that we where a hermit, an that we where writing to a friend.
Lots of we's hahaha.
I liked my letter, an I thought it a good idea to post it here.
Hi, my dear friend, its been a while since I last wrote to you.
Life is good, I love where I am, the view is beautiful.
I leave in a balley, surrounded by really tall an green mountains.
The birds sing all day, an at night, I listen to the corous of frogs who leave in the lake near by.
The sun set an sun rise, are the most beautiful times of the day.
Luckelly, I get to see them everyday, you see, I wake up really early, the bird song does so.
My rutine is really simple, I wake up with the birdsong, then I wate til sun rise, witch isn’t a really long wate, after that, I lit a fire an cook what I fish or trapped the day before.
Then, I settle down, an read one of my numerous an wonderful books, at 3, I have lunch, after I finish eating, I rest half an hour, and then, I go fishing or hunting some birds for dinner.
Usually I finish hunting at 5, I play the flute (as you know, my favorite instrument), an watch the beautiful sun set.
At night, I
think about life an god, its very relaxing to think about those things while listening to all the birds returning to their nests, frogs coming out to croack an watching the first stars.
I feel really satisfied with my life here, it gives me time to find my true self an understand life.
Of corse, there are times when I miss everyone, at those times, I imagine your voices an faces, an I think about letters I’d like to send you, an sometimes, I actually write this letters an send them to my dear friends an family.
Hope life is good with you, an be shure that we will talk to eatch other again.
With love:

Now, the letter seems silly, but anyways, there it is lol.
I'll try to post more often, an to check grammar an spelling hahaha!.
Thanks for reading:)

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