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Friday, November 4, 2011

Another short post using blogger's new interface.

Ok, I'll try to explain how this works. First you have to press where it says try blogger new interface. Then, to create a new post you have to press create the new post link this link is located under the page views, your number of posts, it it isn't that hard to find. First, there's your blog's title. 2. After that there's a little box that says .post.. Below that, are some links: Publish, PublishSavePreviewClose Use template ComposeHTML quote, italic, bolt, incert link, incert image . an below that you write the actual post. About labels, below the box where you write the post its a labels button, after you press it, wate a few secunds it can take time to appear. Now, to blogger's reading list: Its a bit diferent than in bloggers old interface. The link to open the post appears just find, an the bit of imformation about the post also appears. The only not that good thing about it, its that there's a bit of space bettween the title an information an it can confuse you a little. Remember, I'm writing this posts using blogger's new interface. For any questions, suggestions, etc please comment.

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