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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gdb?, Blogs?.

Today I’m gonna talk about the two first blogs I read that talked about gdb.
The first blog is:
Vida de viena
This blog was written by a puppy raiser, before reading this blog I knew nothing about gdb.
Thanks, (…) for writing this blog, sometimes, we don’t know the impact our writing will have on others.
I’m learning to use the white cane, you can’t imagine how much I wish to apply for gdb.
I’m a bit sad because this person doesn’t write anymore.

The second blog is:
in the center of the roof
This is the first blog that I read written by a handler.
The first post I read was the “wate until you get your dog” post.
A post I loooooove , I don’t rememberit’s name right now, but it’s a post about not being allone when you have a guidedog.
Thanks ro, for writing your blog.

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