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Friday, November 11, 2011

Doing a screanshot?

Today was a pretty intresting day.
First, I had to put legs to a couch wheard.
That was really exhausting…
Aftter that, I Had lunch, an just had a normal afternoon.
A few ours ago, I was trying to take a screenshot, upload it to photobucket, create a direct link an post that on a forum.
Let me tell ya, that was no fun.
First was taking the screenshot, ok, did that, then I copied it to paint… that’s where trouble starts (how am I suppose to know if the picture has been pasted correctly, if it’s the hole screan, or worst of all, how am I suppose to know if the picture has pasted at all?
After I solved that, it was the damme photo bucket.
First I signed up, ok, no problem, after that I uploaded the picture that was pretty hard, but finally I managed it.
An then… I was suppose to click the picture, then a drop down menue was suppose to appear, but how the hell was I going to click the picture??
I still can’t manage that part, think I’ll try tomorrow, I’m super tired right now.
Night everyone

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