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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A dumb day.

Today was a really, really dumb day.

Everything started in Spanish class, I did a totally horrible homework an well, he’s my favorite teacher so I felt horrible.
After that, a jerk was like Can I see your homework?
I was super angry with my self, but that was the leass intelligent thing someone can say, an I was like Nooooo!!!!
An then I’m not shure, but I think I told him:
Now what, are you all pissed of because I didn’t let you see it?????
I’m not shure I ttold him that, It’s a bit fussy, I was really tired an angry this morning, but now that I think about it, I think I didn’t tell him that
Then I had French class, I had to present an exposition, but well I forgot a part, an I got really nervous an I felt radder horrible.
Aftter that, I don’t know what a friend said, but I got really obset, I didn’t tell her anything of corse, but that completed my bad mood.
You may think oh… what a bitch, an yes, today I was a total bitch.
Now that I write about it, it doesn’t seem so bad, but it was one of those days where many little bad things happen.
Hope everyone ells had a wonderfull day:)

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