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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A million times.

Today I’m gonna post about a link that has been retwitted like a million times.
Its about a girl called Molly Wat, she's blind an deaf, an she's suffering discrimination.
On Monday 4 July I received a call from Guidedogs to say there was a possible match for Molly. Molly met Unis on Wednesday 6 July and after a short period of thought she decided she would move forward with training and become a guidedog owner. This was reported to the special education needs co-ordinator on the last day of term, I believe this was 8 July, or there about - I was advised by telephone that the parents of all parents whose children attended the school were written to and that the parent's of a pupil with an allergy had been advised by telephone of the imminent arrival of guidedog Unis the coming term. The school sent home "packs of information" every term asking for parents to complete forms keeping all health issues updated in their records. All parents must complete these. Strangely updated medical evidence for the pupil with the allergy was apparently not provided to the school, even with the knowledge Unis was arriving!

The school advised that the parents of the pupil with the allergy did not want the guidedog in school.

The special educational needs co-ordinator advised that there would have to be compromise because of the "allergy situation".

The school came up with the compromises and Guidedogs, and Molly agreed to "TRY" them - Molly definitely feeling she had no choice.

Molly was told she would have to leave Unis in an office when she had English as the "allergy pupil" also used the room, that she could not take Unis into the assembly hall because of the "allergy pupil" she would have to leave Unis in an office and she would have to sit in a room off the dining room as the "allergy pupil" was to use the dining room.

The compromise put upon Molly had not been well thought out and frought with mishaps and Molly was made to feel very different and isolated from the beginning.
Hae, school derectors, the words intelligence an planing exist.
On returning to school after half term Molly made the decision to stand up for her rights and walked into the dining room with Unis, went into a corner and with Unis at her feet sat and ate her lunch with her friends for the first time this school year, no teacher approached her. Having finished her lunch with her friends for the first time this school year she and Unis left the room. It was not until she had left the room that the senco approached her and asked her why she had done what she had and she stated that she has rights and was standing up for them.

Soon after she was summoned to the headmaster's office where he was with his secretary.

The head asked her why she had broken the agreement to which she told him there was no agreement and that the law is on her side, he told her the law was not on her side, that she has blatantly broken the agreement and put another pupils health at risk - bearing in mind this head's actions have put Molly's health at risk should also be mentioned.

Molly felt threatened and intimidated and was told if she went into the dining room with Unis again he could have her removed from school!

Molly telephoned me and asked that she be collected as she could take no more. Molly later received several messages from her friends stating they had been seriously reprimanded by the deputy head for supporting her at lunchtime!

Clearly distraught Molly could not do any school work or sleep and was very anxious, however a very conscientious person she went to school on Wednesday as her timetable means she has no lessons in the afternoon so to avoid the isolation she has been made to face at lunchtimes she, therefore comes home for lunch, same on Thursday's and Friday's.

On Thursday afternoon Molly reported that she and Unis had literally brushed passed the boy with the allergy, the only reason she knew this was because a friend who was walking with her told her - the boy's health was not affected at all!

This information very much upset Molly and made her feel the school are inflicting isolation on her unfairly and that in her mind the school are forcing her out of school knowing how unhappy their actions have made her. The head was advised and his response was that he would not discuss another pupil's medical situation, even though this pupil's apparent allergy is governing my daughter's school life because she has a guidedog.
I don’t know what to think about this post, I wonder how old is the girl?
Mmm… maybe non of them is right?
Both sides have to make clear compromises.
I think both sides are wrong, the parrents have to talk to her doughter, make clear compromisses with her an the school.
About the health ishues, well... I don't know what to think about that.

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