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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I phone!

Hi people!!
How are you doing?
Well this post is about the i phone.
First when I discovered I phones existed I thought:
Oh my! How are blind people suppose to use this thing??
Even if it spoked, the I phon is got a tactile screan how are blind people suppose to aime at the icons?
An then I thought:
If it’s a tactile screan an blind people moved their finger around it, every single thing on it will open.
Arg they really annoyed me cause I wanted an I phone!

A few days I came acrosse this link:
Wow! This is wonderfull!
You know all apple products are axcesible for blind people.
The I phone is got a program called voice over.
With this program the phone speaks an the screan turns really not sensible.
So you move your finger around it an voice over tells you what’s under your finger, but the icon does not open.
You have to doble tap it to actually open it.
Hahahaha! This really looks like a commercial!
So, like in commercials:
For more imformation go to the link above.
Hope you enjoyed it!

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