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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weard dream!

Ok tonight I had a really weard dream so hear it goes:
before I start with my dream this days I’m reading a blog called vomet commet the ones who write it are carin an steave.
I’ve been reading another blog called in the center of the roof written by ro who has a gide dog called Jayden.
Oh yes Carin also has a gide dog called Trixy.
Mmm ok so my dream:
I was in Carins house with my mom an we where in Carins kitchen.
She told us Jayden was in ty-down an that trixy was in ty-down to.
At the moment I didn’t realize something was wrong I mean Jayden in Carins house without Ro? an Trix in ty-down?
But the weardest thing was Trixy was a puppy in training what the?
An Jayden was Carins gidedog!Weard weard weard!
So we where just chatting there in the kitchen an suddenly my mom disappeared!
So, Carin an I dicided to take Jayden for a walk.
An there we where, walking an walking.
Oh yes at some point Carin lended me her I-phone an it started floating in my hands, I told this to Carin an she just said- oh yes don’t you like the weather? its super nice.
An then she said:
We will survive I’ve got a bag full of blue bubble gom.
An suddenly I woke up.
Weard ha?
An the funniest thing is I don’t even know Carin in person haha!


  1. Hi:
    I was wondering how can I delete the links below my posts' title?

  2. Wow! I have lots of weird dreams, but I've never been in someone else's. I feel pretty privileged. But I don't have any blue bubble gum nor do I have a
    floating iPhone.
    Trix has been called a puppy, but she's all guide dog lol.
    Cool! I starred in a wacky dream!

  3. As for removing those weird links, edit the post and remove the part that starts with <a href=" and ends with </a> at the top. Very wacky.

  4. Haha that was soooo funney!
    arg** I know in twitter it was a little anoying buy I really, really wanted you to read this post!
    Thanks for reading!
    By the way, what about surviving with a bag full with blue bubble gum?
    Haha that was hilarious!

  5. That's a fine question hahahah. Don't think I'd survive too long on a bag of blue bubble gum. I'll think of you the next time I buy a blue bubble gum-flavoured Jones Soda.


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