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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stupid contacts.

Hi everybody:
 I know I haven’t posted in  a while.
This few days have been very busy.
One of the things I love, love about blogger is that every body follows every body ells, for example the one who writes in the center of the roof follows vomit commet an the one who writes vomit commet follos training tails who’s also followed by in the center of the roof.
You see is like a big family.
Ok as I was saying before this rambling this few days have been really busy.
Hear at . . . leaves a doctor who puts like contact lenses.This contact lenses (who aren’t exactly contact lenses) make your eyes look the same color.
An they also open your eyes
Every body was like Oh my you are so pretty!, but really they hurt like hel.
Ok let me explaine you:
Ok so hear It goes again:
Where I leave a doctor surt of makes a kind of contact lenses, he paints them the same color, you put them on your eyes an they look the same color.
This contacts also make you open your eyes.
Has any of you used them?
 If yes what’s your experience with them?
If no:
They hurt like hel!!!!!
I don’t know if I’m using them or not **to!! much!! pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yes I almost forgot, to make things worst my stomach really, really hurts! ouch!!!
Ok sory this post is full with complains an pain but really to much pain right now!
Oh congrats to Samara who’s going to gdb in less than a week!

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