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Friday, June 17, 2011

Guide dog potcasts.

Today I came acrosse some really fun an pretty potcasts.
Ok they are from gide dogs for the blind (gdb) the organization where I wana get a guidedog!
This potcasts are about everything from puppy raising, volunteers, training with a guidedog to alumnai testimonium.
There is one potcast (my favorite) this potcast is about a  guidedog user who goes to schools giving testimonium about blindness an guidedogs.
He talks about:
Using a white cane  really sucks! I totally agree.
How guidedogs make a huge difference in blind people.
How he became blind.
An many, many other things.
But this potcast is the funniest I’ve ever heard!
I really really recommend it to you, that, an all gdb’s other potcasts.
So if you are interested hear is the link:
The one I told you about is number 9.
I cracked up with laughter, so if you are in a laughing mooth check it out.
Enjoy an have a nice weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I think that's Morgan Watkins. I looove hearing him speak. He also happens to be the interim CEO of GDB. Morgan Watkins rocks da house!


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