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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stupid questions I’ve heard about blind people

Hi, ok well all my life I’ve heard really really stupid questions about blind people.
Hear are some of the must stupid ones:
1-How do blind people eat?
I found that one in yahoo ansers an not just one time lots of times.
So if any of those **** who actually asked that in yahoo ansers is reading this:
Ok silly dood:
Blind people eat exactly like you!
2-How do blind people clean their bum after pooping?
That was also in yahoo ansers oh my!
So ok hear it goes a formal letter:
Hi really, really silly one who wrote this question:
Ok like Katy Perry's song:
Have you ever seen while you are pooping, do you really see your bum when you are cleaning it?
I mean hae! Dood have you got eyes on your back?
Haha I know this was a little gross but hae people!
3-How do blind people get dress?
Ok this sucks!
Haha I mean they didn’t said combine their clothes they asked literally dressing.
5-Do blind people see?
Ok the idiot who actually wrote this:
Hae dood have a life, by your self a brain, an oh yes blind people can actually see!
Hahahahahahahahaha I laughed so much with this question I almost peed!
Ok hear are some questions people asked to me:
1-When you eat, how do you know where your mouth is?
I cracked up with laughter!!
Ok before the second question let me explain first:
Today morning at school, the flor was crammed with bags, kits etc:
So I asked a nice lady to please scort me to the staircase wich she actually did:
An a friend so us walking towards the stairdcase, an when the lady left he asked me:
Is she your nanny or something?
Ok you can’t imagine my face I was like Oh my what is it with this gi?I mean how old do you think I am to nead a nanny!
So those are the silliest questions I’ve ever heard of or been asked of.
Hope you liked it!


  1. Just wait until you have a dog. Then the questions get even dumber!

  2. Oh speaking of dogs.
    I can't wate to get mine!

  3. I'm having a brain burp. Do you have a class date? Or where are you in the application process?


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