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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I really like!!

There are not so many things that can make me cry but really Sirina’s video didit!
Oh Sirina your life will never be the same.
Today I wana post about things I love

1-Guide dogs:
I love every thing about guide dogs.I think one of the best things about beeng blind is having a guide dog.
I love, love the rain.
I don’t know why but since I was little I just lay down listening to rain an thunder.
I really like rainy nights.
I wonder, is listening to audio books consider reading?
If yes that’s one of my favorite activities.
One weard thing about me is not really liking to read at day, I just love reading at night.
That’s a beat weard.
I really like blogging, I puur many thoughts an fillings in this blog.
I like other’s reading an commenting about them.5
One of my favorite things are plains.
I love traveling by plain, that can be a little odd cause many people get board on airplains.
Ok ok I have many other favorite things, but if I post all of them you’ll foll asleep.

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