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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Male or female??

I know I haven't mention this but I really really really love reading!
Oh daaaa! how could I possibly mentioned it if this is my secund post?
I mostlie listen tu audio books, they aren't much books in braille visides audiobooks are much better.
Write now I'm reading percy Jackson serieis for the fif time, you know about greack gods an all that.
If you saw the movie it's nothing compared with the books.
Personally I didn't like the movie much it was kind of borring.
The books are quite funny an believe it or not they are really good.
There are five of them an I really enjoyed all of them.
I bought them in audiobooks they are narrated by mmm.. write now I don't remember his or her name.
Yea you got it I haven't realized if it's a she or a he.
I know that's kind of wheard but it's trew.
Sory dood if you are reading this post please please don't get offended for the life of me it isn't my falt.
Any way the narrator it's amazing she **arg or he makes all the characters voices, in some parts I can't stop laughing it's deathly funney hahaha!
I really don't get tired of reading them.
I've also read Harry Potter narrated by Jean Dale, Oh I love the way he reads he does a different voice for each character.
I've read the seven Harry Potter books for about eight times, Well to be honest I've listened them for about eight times listening is a beat easear than reading so...
Mmm... I've read lotes of books I really like it.
Their is a page where you have tu actually registrate but you can download for free lotes of books to your computer.
You can read them with a screan reader, when you down load them they turn in to word documents so it's much easear.
I don't know I think the page is in spanish weard ha?
But it can be turned in to inglish.
The page's name is tiflo libros.
I'm not getting payed for promotioning it or anything I just think it's really good.
Ok I have to admit rambling isn't my thing but I have to begin with something ha?
Hope I didn't board you that is it for now!

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