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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lets ramble!

So hear goes a beat of rambling:
Mmm… You know when I first created his blog I thought it was really, really difficult to write a post every day.
In fact it isn’t, you just need a beat of imagination, an intresting life,well not exactly intresting just you have to figure out those little things that happen to you an transform them in a post.
Speaking of figuring out I just realized when you write a blog you surt of pay more attention to your life.
For example a daily really, really insignificant thing, you just don’t realize it’s intresting, but when you write a blog its like:
OH why not posting about this?
Arg** I wonder why am I rambling about this?
Ok I don’t know but it’s wweard.
I know, I know rambling isn’t my thing but today I was in a rambling mood.
Yesterday I was reading a really good blog  called great things about beeng blind.
An I started thinking what cool things have happened to me because I’m blind?
Mmm… Oh yes one day when I was renovating my passport an you know, this huge line, suddenly a really, really nice lady approached an said:
Oh this line is really long (an it was like a 3 hours line) an it was like come hear an we had our new passports like in twenty minuts! It was great!
I’m not good at rambling
But Ro the one who writes in the center of the roof blog Oh my! She’s a genious.
She starts with a little thing but at the end of the post it turns almost in to a novel!
I love, love, love it!

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