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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seeng again?

Today was a really pretty day.

Ok but that doesn’t matter right now.
I’m gonna write about the weard thoughts I had today:
Imagine bing blind an suddenly seeing?
Many sighties think blind people really, really wish to see.
But do we?
I’ve bin thinking about it, will I like to see?
Not that I can or anything (I have retinopathyofprematuritie).
If somebody told me, Hae we invented a dibisse wich can make you see.
Will I jump for it?
I don’t know, but as stupid as it sounds I don’t think so.
I mean I’m curious how is it like to see?
Hear are my reasons:
I wouldn’t like to see because:
1-I won’t have the opportunity to have a guide dog.
2-I like my wourld as it is, it’s perfect If I could suddenly see I I’d have to learn how to do everything.
3-I love, love audio books an I don’t  know if I would love them as much if I could see (probably no).
4-If I could see I would of never written this blog.
What do you think?
If you had the option will you jump for it?
Please leave your comments!
Arg sorry if this board you.
An sory for the spelling an tences I’m a beat distracted.
Carin if                                                                you read this what was twitter’s mane page you recommended me the other day?

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